A woman fiddled her two sisters out of their inheritance to buy a nightclub.

Belle Parri, 53, cheated her own grieving siblings out of £145,00 from the sale of her parents’ house.

A court heard she planned on becoming a bar owner – and defrauded her sisters from their rightful inheritance.

A family feud developed after her parents George and Linda Slack died within a fortnight of each other in 2016.

Parri had been named executor and trustee of their wills – and was obliged to divide the £145,000 proceeds of a house sale up with her two sisters.

But instead she transferred the property in Runcorn, Cheshire, into her own name and tried to remortgage it to buy a nightclub.

Prosecutor James Coutts said sisters Caroline Skye and Victoria Kennedy were conned out of thousands – along with four grandchildren who also stood to inherit smaller amounts.

Mr Coutts said: “Instead she decided to buy a bar in Denbigh.”

He said: “She told her family in no uncertain terms. This was something she was arranging the finance for herself. She assured them it was nothing to do with their parents’ house.”

Caernarfon Crown Court heard Parri – known to her family as Alison – was discovered when another family member opened a letter from a finance company.

Parri admitted four charges of fraud.

Her sister Caroline said Parri had embarked on a “get rich quick scheme” which she had kept secret.

She said: “I am determined to be free of her toxic influence.”

Sister Victoria said the frauds were a “malignant effort by Alison to divorce me from my family”.

Speaking after the case, she added: “This is a very complex case.”

She described Parri as “low, petty, jealous and controlling” and added: “She really is a piece of work”.

Dafydd Roberts, defending, said the fraud was “putting a property at risk of loss, rather than loss.”

Judge Nicola Saffman said Parri had show “an entire lack of remorse.”

Parri, of Runcorn, was jailed for 15 months.