File photo: Crime
File photo: Crime

A Zimbabwean woman has made news headlines after it emerged she had been living with the corpse of her husband, which was now in a decomposing state.

Neighbours were in a state of confusion and shock when the body was retrieved from her room after they had complained to authorities over pungent smell emanating from her side of the block.

Neighbours claimed they had last seen the man years ago after he was confined to a wheelchair after suffering a stroke.

But the suspect told the police the man had died last Thursday but she failed to make it known as she believes her husband was possessed and she may be hunted by some spirits.

The police together with some environmental agencies retrieved the body from her room.

To their utmost shock, they discovered another man only identified as Grant, in a squalid state living in the ceiling of her house.

Grant told police she is a son to the couple and had been spending the last 10 years of hid 39 years locked up in their ceiling by his mother.

The suspect, Gogo Mahlahla told H-Metro that she married her late husband in 1992, and they had five children of which Grant was the fourth born.

She revealed her other children have traveled out of the country, leaving her with the burden of taking care of her frail husband and son.

She confessed that she kept them locked in after discovering from her church that evil spirits were haunting her family.