A lady disappointed her lover during a marriage proposal with a subtle ‘no’ simply for committing the crime of changing the outlook of her car.

Her boyfriend, who is an army officer, went on one knee but the lady was more concerned about the damages he did to her car in his quest to make the proposal a stylish one.

To achieve that, he had her car painted with the inscription ’marry me’ written boldly on it, surrounded with shapes of heart and other embellishments.

On getting out of the car, the lady ignored the boyfriend who was on one knee with a ring in his outstretched hand and began screaming and throwing tantrums.

The boyfriend seeing her reaction admitted to being responsible for the painting, assuring her that he would get it washed after the proposal.

This, however, didn’t go on well with the lady who slammed him for going too far with the marriage proposal.

She then went on to accuse him of trying to make her lose her job as the car is an official one.

The viral video has since stirred massive reaction after it was posted on social media.

Majority of the comments were targeted at the lady, who many opined is not even worthy of the gesture.

Watch video below: