A Dietician with the Trust Hospital and Clinics, Wise Letsa, has stated that garlic does not cure high blood pressure also known as hypertension as many have been made to believe.

Speaking on Joy FM’s Ultimate Health Sunday, the Dietician noted that although the spice has proved to have a considerable number of health benefits, it doesn’t completely cure the medical condition.

He advised that people must develop a healthy lifestyle including healthy diet, regular exercise and sleep in order to prevent having high blood pressure.

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“There is no point in taking garlic to sort of cure your hypertension. You need a healthy diet. Garlic can be part of your spices that you use. Actually we advise people to depend on natural spices rather than the artificial ones like cubes, which contain a lot of sodium.

“So you can use garlic as part of your spices you use for stew, soup and all that but it is not a cure for hypertension as people presume,” he told host Nortey Dua.

Mr Letsa, who was contributing to a discussion on the ‘Challenges of Managing Diabetes & Hypertension’, also added that modern studies have made the lives of persons with the conditions easy.

“These days dieting for these conditions is not really about avoiding whole foods. It is about eating the right food, right quantity, and at the right time,” he said.

He further added that the intake of sugar does not cause diabetes.

According to him, it is the inability of the body system to process and use up the end product of energy-giving foods that amounts to diabetes.