File photo: Wedding

If we look back at the wedding scene of last year, we will be surprised to notice how things have changed. Last year and the years preceding that were all about big fat Indian weddings. From celebrities to commoners, people wanted weddings that are larger than life.

Destination weddings were the most popular ones with flights, travel, venues, stay and all being booked much in advance. Cash flowed like water. But nothing mattered as long as the wedding made headlines. But right now, forget about big fat Indian weddings, people are blessed if they can get the bare minimum requirements for wedding ceremonies done. No wonder, online weddings and private weddings are becoming a trend during the lockdown.

And we will be blessed if such small scale weddings replace its big fat counterparts in the future. Lockdown or no lockdown, we will tell you why big fat Indian weddings should be avoided at all costs is the future.

This is the time to cut down expenses

Among the many lessons the Coronavirus pandemic has taught us, the need for financial prudence is perhaps the most important one. One of the main reasons why most people have big fat Indian weddings is to show how rich they are and end up making expenses that could have been utilised for a better cause. The pandemic has crippled many economies and we still have no idea if it is at all possible to recover from the loss. Now every penny matters because you never know what kind of a threat the future might hold. So, the pomp and show is best avoided and minimalistic weddings should be promoted.

Destination weddings are no longer safe
Exotic venues are a big part of destination weddings or big fat Indian weddings. Such weddings require long travel and stay in hotels and resorts. In the past, people preferred exotic locales in Italy, England, Bangkok etc. as wedding venues and close home places in Rajasthan, Goa, Kerala etc. were preferred. We all know that traveling to such places is no longer safe and staying in hotels will only increase the risk. We don’t know how far travelling will be safe in the future. So, such venues are best avoided.

Who wants a big crowd now?
Big fat India weddings are not only about exotic destinations and designer dresses, it is also about who’s who attending the event. Many people do not think twice before including thousands of invitees in their guest lists. As a result of which the wedding crowd gets bigger and bigger. Social distancing, which has proved to be a life-saving practice, has become a major part of our lives now and even after the lockdown is over, a lot will depend on how we keep ourselves away from crowds. Under such circumstances, this is a valid reason to avoid big fat Indian weddings.