Count yourself lucky if you never had revenge sex or ‘post break-up sex’ to get over an ex-lover. Revenge sex, which is kind of a first sexual encounter with a new person after a break-up, is kind of a coping mechanism for many. Some have revenge sex out of frustration and others do it just to make an ex-partner jealous. According to a study conducted by the Archives of Sexual Behavior, around one-third of people have sex with someone new within four weeks of a break-up. While different people might have different reasons to indulge in revenge sex, the outcome, however, is not always good. Let’s look at a few reasons why revenge sex is the worst thing to do after a break-up.

It would not help you calm down

According to experts, the majority of people have revenge sex because they are angry and frustrated after a break-up. But no amount of sex can help a person calm down. So, having revenge sex just after a break-up is not a good idea.

The guilt

The temptation to have a no-strings attached physical relationship or a one night stand can be great but the guilt that follows afterward is not worth it. It’s not wise to risk your future for some momentary pleasure.

Hurting the other person’s emotions

When someone has revenge sex, the feelings or emotions of the other person is hardly taken into consideration. What might be revenge and empty sex for you, might not be the same for the other one. Thus, you might run the risk of hurting the feelings of the person with whom you are having revenge sex.

Time can heal your heartbreak, not sex

If you are using sex to heal your broken heart, you are definitely very far from the truth. Only time can heal such wounds. But by having impulsive sex, you are only making it difficult for yourself.

It would not help you grieve

What’s most important after a break-up? People should get the chance to grieve the death of a relationship. Grieving is that process which helps a person to lament or express their sadness and this is the first step towards getting over the episode. Sadly, having revenge or rebound sex immediately after a broken relationship, does not allow a person to grieve over the past relationship.