Ghanaian singer Becca is celebrating her birthday today and her husband took to Instagram to celebrate her.

“You already know this but let me still drop it here for the record; “there has never and will never be anyone like you, Akosua… Period!!!! Happy Birthday wifey [sic] and may God bless you, non-stop! Oya, let’s go party!!!!!,” wrote Daniel Oluwa Tobi Sanni.

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Shortly after Tobi’s message, the Ghanaian singer responded: “My husband, from deep down my heart, I ask God to bless you for me. There can never and will never be another human being like you. Thank God for you and thank you always 💕💕I LOVE YOU”.

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Check out their post below:

Becca had earlier taken to Instagram to post a photo of herself where she thanked God for grace and abundant favour on her life.

Source: | Dennis K. Adu