The Western North Regional Chairman of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), William Assuah, has said his party member and Member of Parliament (MP) for Sefwi Akontombra, Alex Tetteh Djornobuah, is likely to lose his seat in the next election.

Per Mr Assuah’s view, the MP has cultivated the habit of arrogance and pomposity due to his [Mr Tetteh] belief that his position in the party is indispensable for winning the seat for two terms, after years of drought.

His comment comes after MP Tetteh Djornobuah, in a radio interview, made claims of ill-treatment meted out to him by some party executives.

Mr Djornobuah alleged that he is being restricted access to the top NPP national executives including the President, for which he threatened to evade parliamentary sitting.

He claimed that he had to sell personal property to fund the party and ensure their two-time victory since 2016, but the executives have turned their back on him and are grooming a different candidate to contest him.

“I sold property but after winning nobody is supporting me. Once in a while, one executive can just call you and give you a token for fuel. I have made several attempts on several occasions at the Jubilee House, but I am not allowed entry to even greet the leaders.

“The Appiah Kubi in question was parliamentary candidate for three terms yet he couldn’t win the seat for the party. I was constituency executive for 13 years working in the background but I was able to win the seat for the party. I am nothing to the party. The President has invited me many times but when I go, I am denied entry. I used my life to fight for the party and at the end of the day, I am rather the one in danger. I can’t die and leave my wife and children, so for now I give up,” he said.

His statement, the Regional Chairman believes, is an indication that the MP is on the path of sabotaging the government, predicting that Mr Djornobuah stands to lose his tightly contested seat.

“He wants to blackmail the government in the sense that he knows the NPP MPs in parliament are insufficient and everyone is needed now on board more than ever. He has been made Deputy Regional Minister, Board Member and currently in Parliament he is the Vice Chairman on Committee of Roads and Transport. What again does he want?” William Assuah fumed.

Speaking on Sedea etie Nie on Adom TV, the Chairman said the MP should address and settle his problem internally, rather than making rants on national platforms.

Despite admitting that he is not on friendly level with his MP, Mr Assuah said he is ready to work with Mr Tetteh to ensure peace in the constituency so far as his opinion will be respected.