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‘Welcome to Western Togoland’ billboard causes stir at Somanya, Akuse


A billboard, believed to have come from the Volta Separatist Group, has been sighted at Somanya in the Eastern region, Thursday.

For travellers heading towards Somanya from Accra, one of the billboards had the inscription, ‘Welcome to Western Togoland.’

When one is heading towards Accra from Somanya it reads, ‘You are leaving Western Togo Land.’

The colourful signboard is erected with a flag in orange, white and green colours.

A group, championing the secession of parts of Ghana along the border with Togo, declared independence for the territory they call ‘Western Togoland’ in November 2019.

The Homeland Study Group Foundation announced its separation on their official social media handles on Saturday, November 16, 2019, after a group meeting was held in Ho in the Volta region.

Leaders of the group were arrested and put on trial and they have been silent since they were granted bail.

The billboard

But on Thursday, the flags of the group emerged.

According to Adom News’ Eastern Regional correspondent, Kofi Siaw, armed police officers from the Yilo Krobo command had pulled down the billboard as of Thursday afternoon.

A resident, whose house is close to the location of the billboard, said he was unaware when the billboard was erected.

He said it was either erected in the night or early dawn because the board was not mounted as of 6:pm the previous day he passed by to his home.

Further information indicates that a similar board had been mounted at Akuse in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipal

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