Acting President of Akwamu Traditional Council, Osuogyasonu Yaw Boadu I has promised a landslide victory for President John Mahama and the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the December 7 general elections.

According to him, on voting day, people will not find the flagbearer of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) on the ballot paper because they will make his name and photo disappear spiritually.

“We are with JM and we assure him that, as we visit our black room for the sacred ritual, we are going to pour libation to delete the picture of the NPP flagbearer from the ballot paper so that come December those who decide to vote for him do not even find him. The only image they will see will be that of John Mahama” he stressed.

Osuogyasonu Yaw Boadu I made the comment when three Traditional Councils in the Asuogyaman constituency in the Eastern region have declared their support for President Mahama’s second term bid.

Chiefs from Akwamu, Anum and Boso say the amount of developments they have witnessed only point to the fact that President Mahama must be given a second term.

Addressing cheering crowd at a mini rally at Akosombo, Acting President of Akwamu Traditional Council

“We the chiefs have a ritual we perform every 40 days. Anyone who is familiar with our customs will know that it’s called ‘Adae’. During this ritual, what we do in the stool house and at the palace is to take stock of the good things happening in the nation and ask the nation to continue”.

“We then find a way of remedying the bad ones. And so Akwamuman, Anumman, Bosoman and the entire Asuogyaman say JM ‘Toaso” he added.

Nana Yaw Boadu I appealed to President Mahama to appoint an indigene from Asuogyaman as either a Minister of deputy to honour them.