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We manage risk; we don’t prevent banks from collapse – BoG


Head of Banking Supervision at the Bank of Ghana (BOG) says his department cannot be blamed for the collapse of the five banks.

According to Mr Osei Gyasi, his outfit manages risk but cannot prevent any bank which does not manage its assets well from collapsing.


His comment follows calls on the Governor of the BoG to take action against the staff of the bank whose negligence led to the collapse of the five banks.


The experts say the time has come for more stringent steps to be taken against these people because until someone is used as a scapegoat, the crisis in the banking sector will see no end.

But speaking on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen Thursday, Mr Osei Gyasi said such calls are misplaced.

Conceding that some of his staff erred in not doing due diligence, he said the focus should be on how to correct the wrongs.

Asked whether he will take the ultimate responsibility and resign, Mr Osei Gyasi responded in the negative, saying even doctors whose negligence sometimes lead to the death of people are still walking scot-free.


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