The World Bank Group has asserted its longstanding relationship with Ghana despite the passage of the Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill by Parliament.

This comes to douse recent speculation suggesting that the World Bank Group may reduce aid and development assistance to Ghana.

Concerns have been raised about possible financial challenges for Ghana if the bill is signed into law, with warnings from the Finance Ministry about the potential loss of over $3 billion in World Bank funding for various programs and projects.

However, a spokesperson from the World Bank clarified that the institution does not recognise the recently passed bill as a reason for altering cooperation with Ghana on development programmes.

The spokesperson emphasised that the partnership between the World Bank and the Republic of Ghana remains productive.

“The World Bank Group has a longstanding and productive relationship with Ghana,” the spokesman said.

In response to inquiries regarding the passage of the Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, the World Bank stated that it cannot comment on specific legislation.

“The Bill has not yet been signed into Law. We generally do not comment on Bills”.

As of now, it is uncertain whether the financial institution will take any punitive measures if the bill is fully enacted.