Minister of State in Charge of National Security, Bryan Acheampong has said his outfit is ready to deal with anyone who indulges in vigilantism to distort the peace of Ghana.

Bryan Acheampong was reacting to the recent attack that took place in Kumasi to disrupt a meeting between constituency executives and their MP.

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A group of vigilante men stormed a meeting of constituency executives which was being chaired by the Member of Parliament (MP) for Old Tafo Pankrono Constituency, Dr Anthony Akoto Osei who is also Minister of state for Monitoring and Evaluation.

The pro-NPP vigilante group later told the media that their action was over the Minister’s failure to fulfil his promise to get the government to recruit them into the security agencies of the country.

Speaking on Adom FM’s current affairs show, Burning Issues, Monday, Bryan Acheampong indicated that “we are not going to form an NPP police and the fact that the NPP has won an election doesn’t mean we should recruit all the youth into the security agencies”.

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Bryan, who is also MP for Abetifi said the NPP do not know any vigilante group.

We as National Security and where I am speaking from, we don’t recognise any of these vigilante groups apart from the Youth Wings of the political parties and any other institutions outside of these wings that do anything against the law would be dealt with just as it would be done to the recognised groups because law and order must be maintained in this country,” he assured.

He says any youth who qualifies for any of the agencies in the country can apply and go through the requisite process of recruitment since that is the best practice for the safety of the country.

If the security agencies are recruiting and they qualify, let them apply and go through the process. The days when people were merely taken into the [security] service anyhow are gone”.

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“We don’t want to create an environment that a new government is in power, therefore, everybody must enter the security services. We can’t build a country in that way,” he stated.

The Minister of state however admitted the fact that “People have genuine concerns, with the people in the NPP, the young men that supported this party, the youth of Ghana and the President is doing everything he can, the economic management team is doing everything they can to create short-term solution such as NABCO, Forestry and others whilst they find long-term solutions to solve our unemployment problems”.

“We are building Ghana to compete internationally so it takes some time and unfortunately I’ll admit it is taking quite a little bit of a long time but we need to do this to cross and have a sustainable economy to contain all the young men that we made the promise to”.

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Meanwhile, Organiser of the Vigilante Delta Force group, Hak-Musah Tasure, speaking on the same show, insisted the party promised but has failed them, however, if the party claims it doesn’t know them, they will apologise for their actions and resign from the NPP.

Tasure added that ”two of our people have been arrested and are in police custody as I speak now”.