Chairman of the National Peace Council, Rev. Dr. Eric Adu-Gyamfi, has said the Council is taking neutral position regarding the recent passage of the Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill by Parliament.

He stressed their role as a mediator and highlighted the significance of impartiality in addressing such sensitive issues.

In an interview with Accra-based TV3 on Sunday, March 3, Rev. Adu-Gyamfi reiterated the Council’s impartial stance, despite receiving inquiries from stakeholders on the matter.

“We don’t have a position on the passage of the anti-LGBTQ+ bill because we are mediators, we don’t take sides on issues like this. There are several issues that have come to us that people expected us to take sides, but realised it was important to remain neutral when they later came for conflict resolution.”

“We are waiting to see how things will unfold,so we know whether to mediate or intervene in the event of a conflict,” he said.

On February 28, 2024, Parliament approved legislation criminalizing LGBTQ activities and prohibiting their promotion, advocacy, and funding.

The Bill if approved by President Akufo-Addo will prosecute individuals found guilty of such acts and could face imprisonment ranging from 6 months to 3 years, while those involved in promoting or financing such activities could be sentenced to 3 to 5 years in prison.