Hon. Kwabena Mintah Akandoh, Ranking Member - Parliament Select Committee on Health

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Juaboso Constituency, Kwabena Mintah Akandoh, has touted agriculture as a key factor to solving economic difficulties in Ghana.

Per his calculations, a generous 70% of economic crisis could be resolved if the government pays close attention to the agric sector.

Mr Akandoh revealed that limiting the importation of food products into the country and focusing on our Agric produce will help boost the economy of the country and reduce the pressure the dollar has weighed on the cedis.

“There is a lot of demand of the dollar in the country, hence reducing and shaking our cedis in the economic world and the country. We are importing rice, sugar, oil, poultry products, maize, and these aforementioned goods are what the dollar depends on,” he said.

Mr Akandoh said that the country can concentrate on producing and feeding on at least two of such imported produce in the country.

He again opined that over 80-85% of goods that make the economy favourable are only presentable in books, but do not reflect in the actual finances.

“If we produce our own food, won’t the country have food to eat? Won’t the money stay in the country and help boost our economy?”

He went on to make reference to his engagement in farming in his locality and employing people on the farm as a means of helping solve the economic and unemployment menace in the country.

Mr Akandoh made the submission following the recent celebration of farmers for their hard work in producing food for the country.