When an Ondo State church invited a first timer for service, little did they know that will be the beginning of their doom.

Rather than leave the church with anointing, the man, whose identity is not immediately known, exited with a stolen phone.

Videos widely in circulation captured the moment the well-dressed gentleman entered the church premises to the moment he stole the smart phone.

As though he was answering a call, the thief stylishly made his way to a corner where three phones were kept to charge.

He removed one of the phones from the socket and slipped it into his trousers as he heads for the exit.

He did not go out as calmly as he entered, he was captured on his heels.

After the CCTV footage was released to the public, a number of persons have identified him as Tosin Ekube, a supposed pastor’s son.

It is said that he is noted for such vices and he has been in and out of police cells.

Watch video below: