Want to hide your iPhone texts? It’s very easy – and you don’t need any special apps to do it.

It’s possible directly though Apple’s own iMessage system in the Messages app.

That’s the main chat app that comes pre-installed on all new iPhone models.

The big advantage is that it stops people peering over your shoulder from reading your texts.

But it also means anyone quickly glancing at your phone or scrolling through it, won’t immediately see your messages.

The feature is called Invisible Ink, and it’s seriously addictive.

Every time you send an Invisible Ink message, it will be scribbled out on the screen.

There's an Invisible Ink feature on iPhone
It's easy to use if you know where to look

This is true for you and the recipient too.

Only when you tap and hold on to the message can you make it appear.

If someone is looking over your shoulder, they’ll simply see blank messages – as detailed in a viral TikTok clip.

It’s also a great trick to send funny surprises to pals.

And if you regularly discuss movie and TV show spoilers in group chats, it’s a great way to avoid ruining the fun for everyone involved.

Sadly, it only works in iMessage – so you can’t use the feature on WhatsApp.

How to use Invisible Ink on your iPhone

Go into Messages and then open an iMessage chat with someone.

Type a message just like you normally would.

But instead of tapping Send, hold down on the icon with your finger.

This prompts a hidden menu to appear.

You’ll want to choose the bottom option: Invisible Ink.

Select that one and then hit Send.

Now your message will be hidden from view – until you tap it.

It will eventually fade out again, requiring another tap to view.

On bigger messages, you’ll need to hold or tap different parts of the text to unlock it all.