The Member of Parliament (MP) for Effiduase-Asokore in the Ashanti Region has dared a former deputy Minister, Hannah Louisa Bissiw to embark on a naked demonstration in support of the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC).
The former Deputy Minister for Food and Agriculture has been threatening to mobilize thousands of women on the streets in defense of Chairperson of the EC, Mrs. Charlotte Osei if the politically motivated attempt to remove her from office is carried through.
According to the former Tano South lawmaker, attacks on the first female head of the Ghana’s election management body is a direct attack on all women in Ghana, adding “Ghanaian women are battle ready to stand by her to fight her detractors”.
She explained that events leading to the petitioning of President Akufo-Addo by some unnamed staff of the EC “clearly show that this attempt to impeach Charlotte is an NPP pet project.”
“The petition itself exposes those behind this plot. This latest attempt to chase out Charlotte is an extension of the NPP’s fruitless attempt to block her appointment using the court. You recall when she was first appointed, the NPP said she is NDC . . . she was appointed by John Mahama to rig the election for NDC. They said all these disgusting things about her, we, the women of Ghana kept quiet and left her alone to fight her battle but this time round we are not going to allow the NPP to get away with their devious plot,” the former Deputy Minister told newsmen.
Responding to the threat, Dr Afriyie said Hannah Bissiw can decide to even go naked on the streets and no one would be ‘bothered by her nakedness’.
“I have heard Hannah Bissiw claim that she would take to the streets with some women, my message to Hannah Bissiw is that she can decide to go naked on the streets and no one will be distracted by nakedness…,” he said.
He added that he and the NPP cannot be bothered by a ‘naked Hannah Bissiw’ and hence called on her to dare to take to the streets in a naked fashion to support Charlotte Osei.
The Legislator therefore called on the Veterinary Doctor not to waste time but rather storm the streets with her naked body.
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  1. Are we saying that Ghana does not have politicians that really care about the plight of the average Ghanaian other than to score political points by striving to outperform their opponents? Has politics in Ghana descended into the gutters? What a nation!

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