An unknown person who is believed to be a member of the New Patriotic Party’s Delta Force has threatened Ashbowa Movie Production over the premiere of latest movie ‘Delta Force’.

The producer of the action packed movie told that early Monday morning, May 8, 2017 which was the said date for the first showing of his latest film, he had a call from a strange number warning him to rescind his decision to premier the ‘Delta Force’ movie, else he’ll face the consequences.
“I had a call very early in the morning on Monday from an unknown contact threatening me not to release the new movie or be dealt with ruthlessly.”

According to the producer he has decided to extend the premiere date to May 16, 2017 to report the issue to Police for further investigations to be conducted.

The Movie as told by the Producer is educative, inspiring and full of suspense but not to make mockery of the recent happenings between the Vigilante group, Delta Force and the Regional Security Co-ordinating director appointed by H.E Akufo-Addo.

The ‘DeltaForce’ movie featured popular stars like Bernard Nyarko, Christiana Awuni and many others.

Watch Trailer below.