Controversial rapper, A-Plus is advocating premarital sex among would-be couples.
According to him, there is nothing wrong with a man having sex with a woman before walking her down the aisle.
The debate as to whether or not couples should have sex before marriage, is one that has no end in sight. Some religious persons have kicked against it saying it is morally wrong to engage in sex before marriage.
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Some have also said it is advisable for couples to have sex before marriage to see if they are compatible.
A-Plus, who married Akosua Vee last year, believes that just as it is advisable to test-drive a car before buying it, a man must also have sex with a woman before marrying her.
“Every Christian believes in their own principle. I’m a Christian in my own way… in my church de33… if you want to buy a car try it,” he said.
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