Caddy Buari, the mother of award-winning actress Nadia Buari, has released a rare footage of the actress dancing whilst she was pregnant.

It’s unclear how old her pregnancy was but the video shows the actress showing off some impressive dance skills.

Nadia Buari danced effortlessly and lip sung along Michael Jackson’s ‘Who Is It’.

The actress’ mother shared the video with the caption: “#LostFiles.. this video has got me cracking up all morning. Pls don’t kill me @iamnadiabuari..but I really had to post this. Hope u love ur Mother’s Day gift”.

Nadia, in early 2015, gave birth to twins – both girls. The delivery became a subject of public discussions with many trying frantically to unravel the mystery behind her pregnancy and the birth because no one saw her pregnant.

The identity of the father of the twins is still a mystery.

Watch the video below: