A Chinese woman by name Monica Wei has challenged the managing editor of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako Jnr, to come clear of his allegation that she (Monica) is involved in the illegal mining (galamsey) business.

Monica claimed she suffered negative backlash when Mr Kweku Baako mentioned one Monica in connection with the galamsey menace on the May 6 edition of Joy FM’s news analysis programme, ‘Newsfile.’

This comes after Kweku Baako’s revelation that another Chinese woman, Huang – who had acquired local names Aisha and Yaa Asantewaa – is the powerful person behind the illegal mining business in Ghana and that she has sex videos of powerful men in the security services as well as decision makers which she uses to blackmail them.

He also mentioned the name of one Monica as one of Aisha Huang’s accomplices.

“…She’s got accomplices – the other one is called Monica, the other, the name has slipped me because it’s a Chinese name. Part of their strength is that they’ve built up a certain system of blackmailing. They are women so I’m not going to use certain words, I’m not going to say certain things,” Mr Baako claimed on the show.

Interestingly however, even though Kweku Baako fell short of giving any other name apart from just Monica, Ms Wei had caused her lawyers to write a letter to him, claiming she was the only Chinese woman in Ghana by the name Monica.

Baako’s Response

But responding to the letter on ‘Newsfile’ last Saturday, Kweku Baako said he was “intrigued that she is the only Chinese Monica in Ghana. I’m surprised.”

According to him, “If I knew the full name, I might have said it.

“You recall that there was a third name I had forgotten; I didn’t mention it, so Madam Monica Wei, if it’s not you, why bother? When the evidence comes out, at the appropriate time, when the evidence of those people engaged in illegal mining – the Chinese – and the Monica are featured, we would know, so, I’m surprised that any lawyer anywhere will write such a letter to me…”

For him, “They are on a fishing expedition…if I were they, I would relax. They should relax. Tell them to exercise patience. … I don’t even know her.”

Mr Baako said the Chinese women had built a network of influence in high places in the country which they rely on for protection whilst engaging in galamsey activities.