Founder and leader of the International Godsway Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim, has proved that he is not only an angel but has the ability to communicate directly with heavenly beings.

The controversial Obinim was captured in a recent video angrily exchanging words with an invisible creature, he claimed to be his master in the heavenly realm.

Bishop Daniel Obinim spoke in a strange language in the presence of his Church members, during one of his Church services.

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According to him, he was being interrogated and accused by the master for not ensuring that he and his partner, Angel Gabriel, did not properly execute their heavenly duties.

Explaining that it was no fault of his to his ‘master’ he said, “Father ask him, yes you can ask him Gabriel. Yes because I went there with Angel Gabriel. I went there with him.”

Obinim continued to speak in the ‘heavenly language’, as he claimed. This time in a more angry tone.

While translating the scenario to one of his interpreters, Obinim said his ‘boss’ in the spirit world has expressed displeasure because he expected him to do exceptionally well on one of the tasks with Angel Gabriel.

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Daniel Obinim was insistent that what seemed to be a bad event was no fault of his since the one he sent refused to go on the mission and “now the blame has been put on me.”

“If not for my boss who says he has forgiven me, I would have had issues in the spiritual.”

However, he promised to take revenge since he is also an angel.


  1. Comment: i don’t see the reason why people (Christians) still attended those church’s , Christian’s should be wise enough n be vigilantes. the devil is at work and he is doing everything posible to drive many through those call pastors.

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