A police officer sustained injuries to the head when some angry final year students of Atebubu Senior High School attacked the town’s police station.

A police vehicle was also vandalised as well.

The police however arrested three students for partaking in the unlawful act.

According to the 764 final year students, each of them was asked by their teachers to pay an amount of GHC 50 as a fee with a promise of helping them pass their ongoing examination.

While the students played their part in the agreement by paying the said fee, the teachers breached it by failing to assist them during the examination and rather chose to be strict invigilators at the exam hall.

Some of the students who were unhappy about this started threatening their teachers and this led to the teachers reporting the issue to the police, resulting in the arrest of three (3).

The arrest got other students agitated so they rushed to the police station demanding the release of their colleagues and this ended up in a riot between the police and students.

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  1. The only thing the Ghana police officers know is to be arresting innocent people rather than to tackle the arm robbery problems in the country. Aya woooooo

  2. Comment:The students were not asked by any teacher to pay any money. It was some of the students’ own initiative.
    Kindly do further research before publishing a news.

  3. The students are right, the police should have made proper investigation before they arrested them because looking at the story the teachers are the right people to even arrested.

  4. no teacher in atebubu senior high school has asked the students to collect any money, the students themselves decided to collect the money to buy a gift for the school so that they will be remembered.every year the final year students collect money and buy something for the school .some teachers went and inform the headmistress that the students were collecting money to buy apo and resulted in the mistress collecting the money from the students.please, try as much as possible to do proper research before publishing news.

  5. no police vehicle was vandalised, no teacher in atebubu senior high school asked students to pay money to help them in exams.please, do proper research before publishing news of this nature.


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