Cindy Thompson

Veteran gospel artiste, Cindy Thompson, has revealed that her music career gave her the capacity to finance her siblings’ education.

According to the singer, there had been no graduate in her family because there was no money to take anyone to school.

“Through my ministry, I was able to raise money to look after my younger ones. No one has been able to go to secondary school but he went to university, now he is a graduate working somewhere and the other is now a lecturer at the Pentecost University,” she told Joy News’ MzGee in an interview.

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Cindy Thompson explained that she felt proud seeing a graduate in her house, adding that “that alone pushes me to love God all the more because there’s more he can do.”

The singer said she did not imagine for a second while growing up, that music would bring her this far.

“I never taught that I could be a musician, I loved to sing from my childhood so I never knew music would take me this far, never. I was eager to further my education to be somebody so I can take care of my younger ones,” Cindy Thompson added.

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She said that she was focused on becoming a secretary, get a job and cater for her other siblings.

“I educated myself, others helped me by paying my fees and the ones my parents can, they would do. The ones they cannot, I have to seek help, so for me being here, in fact, it is the grace of God,” she added.

Watch the full interview below: