From about 500 years ago, when settlements began to take shape here, to when the Gold Coast was visited by the Portuguese, Danes, Dutch and British from Europe; there were a lot of battles, and wars between the ethnic groups that were later to become Ghana.

When Independence was gained in 1957, the new nationalist government could not stem the matter where every traditional authority was self-contained and the rivalry, suspicion and competition among them persisted for about 50 years.

However, over the last 10 years or so, there appears a certain departure from the territorial seclusion, suspicion for other traditional councils and the ‘Each-State for Herself, Government for us all’ attitude.

The positive change started with paramount and other chiefs inviting counterparts in other traditional states known to be their traditional foes to festivals, luncheons, durbars and many others.

Adom News’ Felix Anim-Appau has more in the video above: