This edition of Fabewoso focuses on issues surrounding the bidding process that led to Meralco Consortium winning the bid to manage the Electricity Company of Ghana.
Host Captain Smart, the video above helps to break down the complex issues around the deal that have led to BXC Consortium suing the Millennium Development Authority.
BXC Consortium has sued the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA) over its disqualification from the bidding process to manage the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).
The Ghanaian company lost the deal to manage ECG to Meralco Consortium, a company led by Manila Electricity Company from the Philippines.
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The Coordinator of BXC consortium in the ECG takeover, Daniel Azu revealed this on Adom FM’s anti-corruption segment, Fabewoso, Wednesday.
He said they have, from 2013, worked for ECG to reduce its distribution losses, making them very qualified and competent for the job.
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He noted, rather surprisingly, that a letter written by MiDA and addressed to BXC Company on April 12, 2018 said the company has been disqualified for failing to make its existing contractual relationship with ECG known in its initial proposals.
The letter, Mr. Azu said also accused BXC Ghana of conflict of interest on the basis of its relationship with ECG and as a result, the company’s financial proposal was not opened for evaluation and was returned to the company.
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To ensure justice is served, Mr. Azu said they have sued MiDA at the High Court in Accra.