Member of Parliament for Assin Central, Kennedy Ohene Agyapong, has described the 1.2 billion dollars contract for Ghana’s national identification card, the Ghana Card being spearheaded by the National Identification Authority (NIA) as “stupid”.

According to him, the $1.2 Billion is fraud being perpetrated on Ghana by NIA Executive Director, Ken Attafuah and must be stopped before they spend the money.

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“Are we crazy? 1.2 Billion Dollars for Ghana Card? Are you out of your mind? Are we crazy? This is thievery. They are disgracing Akufo-Addo and it really pains me. Are we crazy in this country? I speak for Ghana, In India, their population is 1.2 billion people and they used the same amount for a similar project. “A poor country like Ghana?”

“Some people even need 200 cedis to start a business and you tell me you are using such money for a poor country like Ghana’s [identity cards]”, he said.

Registration and issuance of national ID cards to Ghanaians by the Authority was scheduled to begin from May 28 from the Jubilee House in Accra.

According to Prof. Ken Attafuah, “over the next 15 years, this project is going to cost us as a nation $1.22 billion”.

He explained that the project is hinged on a “design-build-operate-transfer” agreement which will see both government and the private partner make some financial commitments.

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“The private partner’s share of this burden is 678 million, the government of Ghana component is 531 million,” he said.

But speaking on Adom TV’s Morning Show “Badwam” Tuesday, the maverick politician said Prof. Ken Attafuah must be fired as soon as possible for spearheading such deal.

He accused Ken Attafuah for taking land from the CEO of Margins Group to build his house which he believes earned him the contract.

He wondered why a such a huge amount could be spent on the project when an amount of 50 million dollars could be used to execute the same job.

“Ghana Card Contract costing 1.2 billion, is stupid and rubbish. I brought a contract costing 500 million dollars from India but he stopped the deal. Ken Attafuah took land from the CEO of Margins Group to build his house and gave him the contract and that is why he is involved in such deals”, he alleged.

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“You want to disgrace Akufo Addo, right? We will disgrace you first before you bring our government down. If it were NDC, I would be the same person to criticize and so I won’t stop keeping mute over crazy deals some NPP members are involved in.


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