Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), Rex Omar, has slammed one industry player who called him a liar during VGMA’s recent National Music Summit 2021 which happened at the Accra International Conference Centre.

According to the tech entrepreneur who mentioned his name as ‘Steven’, he had a meeting with members of the GHAMRO, adding that they are deliberately not putting systems and structures in place to generate royalties from music users in Ghana.

He explained that, the only reason GHAMRO gave him when he submitted the idea of introducing a software to help monitor royalties were cost.

According to Steven, who forms part of an association dubbed Alliance for Change, until GHAMRO’s appointed interim board is scrapped off the music industry will know no growth.

From Rex Omar to Abraham to Diana Hopeson… they don’t want to invest in technology… it will only bring fourth transparency that they don’t like. I have sat with them. They give flimsy excuses like cost. They have to give the people the data that we want to see.

They should step away. They are the problems. They just don’t want to work… if I hire you to work for me and you are not producing then what it is? he said at the summit.

But Rex Omar, reacting to his claims, said he is ignorant about the music industry.


According to GHAMRO’s Chairman, the software engineer is talking out of emotions because he is pretending to know what is happening in the music industry but he is actually living in the dark.

Rex Omar explained that, he gave him the opportunity to present his software but the young entrepreneur never showed up, hence the contract has been geared towards a Canadian-based company willing to do the job with a four-million dollar investment.

That is one of the hazards of leadership. He is talking out of ignorance and emotions. He doesn’t understand what is actually happening… Most of the young people pretend to know but they don’t know. The very things they are fighting is what I am doing… Instead of them coming out to support they sit outside to talk.

This very guy who spoke we gave him the opportunity. You say you have tech we say bring it, we have three companies, people from US, SA and Canada, they didn’t bring theirs and he came here to say rubbish.

Its not only him… he came with Trigmatic and Reggie Zippy and lot of people… we said GHAMRO is ready… because of them we postponed our board meeting for more than one month. That is Ghanaian for you. They always look at personality and attack.