Psalm Adjetefio
Psalm Adjetefio

Veteran Ghanaian movie personality, Psalm Adjetefio, popularly known in showbiz circles as T.T., has bounced back firmly on his feet after battling a critical heart disease for years.

T.T. became a household name after starring as the lead character in the popular TV series, Taxi Driver in the late 90s to early 2000s.

The show made massive waves in the good old days. With this, he got his major breakthrough and later starred in movies such as ‘Jamestown Fisherman’ and ‘A Stab in the Dark’ among others.

In 2018, he went public about his failing health condition. He disclosed that the situation had compelled him to fall on some past students who came from many parts of the world to assist him. He revealed that at a point, he was taking about 19 tablets on a daily basis but he is currently taking between seven and nine tablets on a daily basis.


He required financial support from the public to undergo heart surgery else the worst may happen.

T.T. said his medical problems started when he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart, leading to swollen feet.

He added that the condition later evolved into a critical heart disease that needed immediate attention, else he was doomed.

He said most of his friends ignored his calls and blocked his number because of his illness.

Well, the legend, in a recent interview with Accra-based Max TV, revealed to the world how he is currently doing. He said a Good Samaritan helped him bounce back to good health.

According to him, he was on a verge of selling his house to help him cater for his sickness so interested persons were visiting him for negotiation.

Fortunately, one of the interested buyers was a pastor. The pastor immediately recognised him to be T.T. of Taxi Driver fame.

“After the man got to know me, he introduced himself to me that he is a pastor so I should tell him each and every ordeal I am facing. I told him, I am very sick and needs to be at the hospital but I don’t have money and he said never can he allow me to rot away in this condition, ‘you’re not that old.’

“He started making calls and appealed to take a picture with me and said he belongs to a platform that helps the less fortunate and promised to show up the following morning to send me to the hospital and left me with 200 cedis to spend on that day.

“True to his word, pastor Elvis showed up the following morning to send me to a hospital at La Bawalashie, a clinic at East Legon and so from there I was receiving treatment and it got to some time I wasn’t seeing the pastor any longer like how he used to visit me in the hospital often.

“I then asked the owner of the clinic over the arrangements they have made concerning me and the owner of the clinic, who was a lady, said that I shouldn’t worry because he has told them that he will take care of the hospital bills by himself till I’m back on my feet,” he narrated.