The Lead Trainer for the US Embassy and PEPFAR Media Programme on HIV/AIDS, Kingsley Kyereh, has made a clarion call to residents of the Ahafo Region to actively engage in the HIV and AIDS campaign to mitigate the spread of the diseases.

In an interview with Adom News reporter Sammy Asare at Kenyasi, after a training session for journalists in the Ahafo Region on HIV and AIDS-related issues, Mr. Kyereh spoke on the alarming rate at which HIV/AIDS is increasing in the region.

He emphasized the critical need for collective action to combat the spread of the diseases effectively.

Mr Kyereh stressed that, the HIV/AIDS campaign should not be relegated to a small segment of the population, but must instead involve widespread participation to ensure comprehensive education and awareness to combat the diseases effectively.

Speaking on the impact of the training workshop, some journalists who attended the two-day session said they have enhance their understanding of HIV/AIDS-related issues.

They assured that, the knowledge gained will contribute significantly to efforts aimed at reducing the spread of the diseases when disseminated to the public.

The training workshop, spearheaded by Kingsley Kyereh and supported by the US Embassy and PEPFAR, represents a crucial step in empowering journalists with the necessary tools and knowledge to play an active role in the fight against HIV and AIDS in the Ahafo region.

Through informed reporting and public education initiatives, the media can serve as a potent force in raising awareness, dispelling myths, and promoting preventive measures to curb the spread of HIV and AIDS within the community.