Ahmed Suale

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is requesting updates from the government on the state of investigations regarding the death of an investigative journalist, Ahmed Suale.

Calls to find the killers of the member of the Tiger Eye PI have intensified since his murder in 2019.

Although the government has given several assurances of finding justice for the late journalist, persons behind his murder are yet to be arrested and prosecuted.

UNESCO has also described as unfortunate attacks on some journalists during the just-ended elections.

The UNESCO Representative to Ghana, Abdou Rahamane Diallo, speaking during a regional consultative meeting on the safety of journalists in Kumasi says the government of Ghana must ensure the perpetrators are brought to book.

“We urge Ghana to inform us [UNESCO] on the status of the killing of Ahmed Suale. We just heard from the Deputy Minister of Information on updates of these investigations, and we are following and encouraging that efforts be pursued to make sure that the perpetrators are arrested and brought to the book.”

A deputy Information Minister, Pius Enam Hadzide speaking at the same event assured that the government is working with security agencies to track persons behind the murder of Ahmed Suale.

“Ghana has slipped on the World Press Freedom Index and lost its place of pride as the best-ranked country. Our drop has been attributed to most commentators to the unfortunate death of Ahmed Suale. The government has been firm in its support to law enforcement agencies to crack these and many other criminal cases that are yet to see any meaningful investigations.”

Family calls for justice

The family of Ahmed Hussein Suale had earlier expressed disappointment with the government and security agencies over their failure to find his killers.

According to them, the government has not treated his death with much seriousness almost a year after the incident.

Brother of the deceased, Ibrahim Kamilu Tahidu even told Citi News that the family feels ignored.

“In fact, the family is very disappointed in the security services and the government itself. It looks like they are not interested in the case. After all the noise, have you heard of anything again? And have you heard of any government official discussing it again? Even, the Attorney General could not remember the date my brother was assassinated in Parliament. Doesn’t that alone ring a bell that the government is not interested in our case?” he asked.