The United Nations Security Council on Tuesday held a flag installation ceremony for countries of the newly elected non-permanent members to serve from 2022 to 2023.

Ghana’s red, gold, green and black star flag was installed.

Also, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Gabon and Albania flags were among others that were installed.

At the beginning of this year, Ghana commenced a two-year term on the UN Security Council.

The country joined the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Gabon and Albania on the world’s top body for addressing threats to international peace and security.

These countries were elected unopposed by UN members in June and will each serve until the end of 2023.

They are responsible for addressing issues such as terrorism, child soldier recruitment and conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Libya and other parts of the world.

Both Ghana and Gabon have served on the council three times. Brazil and Albania are serving for the first time but the United Arab Emirates served from 1986-1987.

The Security Council has 10 seats for temporary members.

However, five of the seats are permanently occupied and dominated by Russia, China, US, Britain and France. They hold the power of veto.