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In a tragic development, two schoolgirls have died after being struck by lightning while on their way from school.

The two schoolgirls were students at Seke 1 High School in Zimbabwe and were on their way home.

The two students, both aged 15, were pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. The Police confirmed the deaths of the two minors.

According to the Police, one of the schoolgirls was run over by a car after falling onto the tarmac when struck by lightning.

In a statement confirming the incident, the Police said:

ZRP reports the death of two minors (15) from Seke 1 High School on 19/11/21 due to lightning. The victims, who were coming from school, fell on the tarmac after being struck by a lightning bolt, and one was hit by a motorist driving a Toyota Sprinter registration number ADJ 4486. Both victims were sent to the hospital and were pronounced dead upon admission.

The Police also cautioned motorists to avoid speeding and to exercise care near schools and residential areas.

Meanwhile, Police urge all motorists to be cautious on the roads and avoid speeding especially in build-up areas, it added.