Two persons sustained gunshot wounds with three others injured after an aggrieved youth group clashed with the district police.

Following the rampant road accidents at Apam Junction, residents took matters into their hands and began the construction of speed ramps.

Over 10 people have been knocked down to death at Apam Junction by overspeeding drivers plying the Kasoa-Cape Coast Highway within two years.

This the residents sought to end the phenomenon but the police obstructed them, explaining the roads had been blocked without permission.

Five injured in Apam Police versus youth battle

According to the youth group engaged in the construction, the police fired live bullet which resulted in the injury of the five person.

A taxi driver who was shot in the leg, and four others are currently receiving treatment at the St Luke Hospital at Apam.

Five injured in Apam Police versus youth battle

In an interview with Adom News, Leader of the Concerned Youth of Gomoa Ankamu known as Apam Junction, Sampson Ebo, said the police fired live bullets sporadically, injuring five persons in the process.

Although no death has been recorded, three persons are battling for their lives after receiving gunshots, and two injured in the cause of the retaliation.

Five injured in Apam Police versus youth battle

Sampson Ebo described what happened yesterday, April 25, as one-sided war, explaining they did not threaten danger before they were being shot at.

He further called on the Minister for Roads and Highway and President Akufo-Addo to do the needful of constructing speed ramps in the shortest possible time, since their efforts are not being appreciated.

Five injured in Apam Police versus youth battle

The Apam District Police Commander, DSP Moses Osakono, said over six people have been arrested pending trial on Monday.

He also added that majority of the unauthorized speed ramps have been removed with graders.