Jeffery Okyere, a final year student, has been sentenced to six months imprisonment by an Accra District Court for impersonation during this year’s West Africa Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

In addition, Okyere, a student of ICODESH School in Accra, would pay a fine of GH¢4,200 and has been banned from writing WASSCE for three years.

Okyere’s accomplice James Kudjo, a 20-year old Gardener and a Game Center Operator was also sentenced to six months imprisonment and would also pay a fine of GH¢4,800 cedis.

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Okyere is said to have paid GH¢200 to Kudjo to write this year’s WASSCE Integrated Science paper one and two for him.

Luck eluded them when an examiner found them out.

Charged with conspiracy to commit crime and impersonation, Okyere and Kudjo pleaded guilty before the court presided over by Ms Aret Nsemoh.

The Magistrate in sentencing them noted that two convicts planned their actions to outwit the system and if it had not been the intelligence of the examiner, they would have undertaken the act undetected.

The case of prosecution was that Okyere approached Kudjo and complained to him about the difficulties he was facing in writing Integrated Science paper.

Kudjo then agreed to write the paper for Okyere for a fee of GH 200 cedis.

Prosecution that during the 2018 WASSCE, on the day of examination, (Integrated Science one and two), the two convicts met at a spot and Okyere gave his uniform to Kudjo to wear and he proceeded to Action Progressive Institute Examination Centre to write the paper.

Prosecution said an examiner who was not convinced about Kudjo cross checked his name and the accompanying photo in the register.

After cross checking the examiner quizzed Kudjo over his identity but he insisted that he was Okyere. It however came to light that Kudjo was not Okyere.

Prosecution said Kudjo and Okyere were arrested by the Police and in their caution statement they admitted the offence.