People usually enter into competitions to win but when someone is seen compromising the chances of his team winning, then it becomes a trending issue.
In a video that has gone viral on social media, a young boy who has been handed a baton is seen running in the opposite direction instead of towards the finishing line.
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Just like any other 4×100 relay competition, four athletes are supposed to represent the team, with each member expected to hand over the baton to another member till the final team member crosses the finishing line with it.
In the trending video, Team Yellow begins the race on a good note as the first athlete completed the race and handed the baton to his colleague.
After a remarkable finish by the 2nd athlete, he hands the baton to his teammate to finish the race but everyone is left in shock when the young boy starts running in the opposite direction.
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The crowd breaks into more laughter when the coach, obviously worried about the situation begins to run after the boy.