has sighted an interesting video of what looks like an intelligence survey on social media.
In the survey, some Ghanaian celebrities including actresses Gloria Sarfo, Kafui Danku, and others including Ameyaw Debrah, were being asked a ‘simple’ English question.
The question for the day was “what is the meaning of a.k.a”?.
To the shock of many of their fans and followers, Gloria Safo and Kafui Danku couldn’t give the answer (also known as) to that question.
Gloria Sarfo answered: “a.k.a means alias..,”; then she confidently asked the one interviewing her if she was right.
Gloria Sarfo later asked the presenter to teach her what a.ka. really means.
When it was Kafui Danku’s turn, she also answered: “Popularly known as, or alias…”
Fans of the actresses who have seen the video have expressed shock at the fact that their star actresses couldn’t give an answer to that simple test.
Read some of the comments here:
atamfo_b3ko_lowbattery: “Ohh oglor my English teacher ?. Why you embarrass me like that. And obroni Maame kafui you too why? You paa de3 I expected you to know. Ahh you always speak English home. Ahhh How can “A” stand for popularly. Boi.”
priscilla_sackey: “This sad and hilarious at the same time for our celebrities.”
lindaofori85: “Eeeiiii so ppl didn’t know what a.k.a meant ???.”
obaahemaagloria: “Whaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?” This user expressing utmost shock
mzpoks: “Lol this is a result of all the uneducative programs on tv these days.”
g.o.l.d.i.e: “@bosslady__jacky lol what a shock.”
Meanwhile, other celebrities who got the answer right included celebrity blogger Ameyaw Debrah, A J Sarpong, and Kofi Adjorlolo’s Vicky Lebene.
Kafui Danku recently launched a book, ‘Silence is not golden’.