Polish manufacturers of the damaged train on the Tema-Mpakadan railway are expected to fly into Ghana to conduct an assessment and valuation of the damage.

Currently, four people are standing trial for the bizarre accident which occurred when the newly acquired train run into a parked truck on the railway during a test run.

In court on Wednesday, the State represented by Christabel Selma Anafure argued that investigation has delayed because the manufacturers are yet to fly into the country to provide what is potentially the missing piece of the ongoing investigations.

“The valuation of the train damage is still underway, and this is because the assessment of the damage of the train involves the manufacturers coming down from Poland and this has caused a slight delay in the conclusion of the investigations”.

She argued and prayed the court for “a short adjournment” and assured the court that the investigation team will expedite their work.

Lawyer for the accused, Richard Laapo, on his part submitted to the court that the pending assessment and valuation to be conducted by the manufacturers has “no bearing on whether or not the court ought to grant bail to the accused persons”.

He thus prayed the court to grant bail to his clients.

The sitting judge, Justice Lydia Osei Marfo, held the view that the valuation and assessment can still be done “even if the accused persons are on bail unless the prosecution is saying the accused persons would interfere with that assessment.”

Justice Marfo, thus, granted bail to each accused person in the sum of GHS200,000.00 with a surety each to be justified.

The accused persons are also expected to report to the police station of their arrest every Friday of the week.

They and their sureties have also been directed to deposit a photocopy of their Ghana cards to the court registry.

Meanwhile, the court has given an order to the state to file all disclosures on or before the next adjourned date.

The case has been adjourned to June 6 of this year.


The incident occurred on Thursday, April 18 when the new DMU train approaching a curve at Km76+100, encountered a stationary vehicle right across the railway track.

A statement released by the Ministry clarified that although the train immediately applied the emergency brake, it was unable to completely stop and collided with the vehicle.

“It is important to note that the vehicle was unnamed and the location where it was found is not designated as an authorized level crossing,” the Ministry said.

Despite no injuries recorded, the driver’s cab of the train experienced a minor damage.

Again, the CEO of the Railways Development Authority, Mr Yaw Owusu has indicated that the manufacturer of the train will bear the costs of repairs of the damaged parts.

He however, stressed that the train has not been formally handed over to the government of Ghana.

Police investigation into the incident continues.