File photo: Crying

A wedding ceremony over the weekend ended in a tragedy when the groom lost his legs in an accident.

A guest, who was traveling with the groom, also died on the spot. This unfortunate incident occurred at Kwara State in Nigeria.

According to reports, the guest and the groom were on a motorcycle around 1:pm on Sunday when they got involved in a ghasty accident which took the guest’s life immediately and crushed the groom’s legs.

The tragic incident occurred when an SUV hit them from behind into the path of the truck which crushed the skull of the passenger, killing him instantly, while the two legs of the rider, who is the groom, were also crushed.

An eyewitness said “the young man came from Lagos to attend a wedding in Ilorin. The groom, who is a commercial motorcyclist, decided to take him to the park before and the accident occurred on the way”.

When contacted by PUNCH, the spokesman for the Kwara State Police Command, Ajayi Okasanmi confirmed the incident.