Ofosu Ampofo NDC chairman
Samuel Ofosu-Ampofo, NDC chairman

Director of Elections of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Samuel Ofosu Ampofo has stated emphatically he is a strong believer in a “family and friends” style of government because Ghanaians are the ones going to get the jobs and not foreigners.

Previous presidents of this republic have been accused of employing friends and family relations into their administrations, therefore encouraging corruption on a large scale.

NDC, then in opposition, accused former President John Kufour of loading his administration with his own children and family relations, who occupied sensitive positions to the detriment of the country’s development. His son, Chief Kufour, was a subject of barrages of criticisms from the then opposition who claimed Regent Hotel, which he now runs, was acquired with the help of the president, though no evidence was provided to support the allegation.

Former President John Mahama was also accused by senior NDC party officials for running a family and friends government, despite advice from the top hierarchy of the party to desist from the practice. First Deputy Speaker Alban Bagbin accused him of being surrounded by personal friends who were dictating the pace for him.

His own brother, Ibrahim Mahama, who was said to be running a parallel government and awarding and canceling contracts, is at the moment in a stand-off with the government over a contract to prospect for bauxite at a forest reserve in the Ashanti Region. The contract was signed less than a week before the exit of government and seems to be dividing the administration and its ministers.

But speaking on Peace Fm’s Kokrokoo breakfast show, Mr. Ampofo said he does not see anything wrong with Ibrahim Mahama being given a contract, especially because he is a Ghanaian.

“If such persons are qualified and can do the job, why should that be an issue,” he said.

He also contested claims the contract was signed a week before the departure of the former president.

“If your time is not yet expired and you sign it, still it holds…let the person come and revoke it, that is another subject matter” he said.

Mr. Ampofo said former President John Kufour signed the single spine salary structure into law before he left office, and does not see anything wrong with the younger Mahama getting a contract.

After all, he said, the owner of Zoomlion, Joseph Osei Siaw, has publicly expressed frustration at the way Ghanaian own businesses are undermined by their own people.