With 4,281 confirmed cases in India and 1,351,752 cases worldwide, the coronavirus pandemic has left people in a state of shock and panic.

Along with staying at home, practising social distancing and washing hands frequently are some of the best ways to save yourself from the deadly virus. Moreover, there are so many pieces of information claiming that they can help you.

Amidst all the information, we came across a tweet by famous Harry Potter author, J. K. Rowling, where she claimed that a video from the Doctor of Queen’s Hospital, United Kingdom worked wonders for her to ease the symptoms of coronavirus and she is doing absolutely fine now. The tweet in no time became viral with 18.7k retweets and 43.8k likes.

We watched the YouTube video attached with the tweet and here is what the video said:
In the video, Dr Sarfaraz Munshi says, “once you have the infection, you need to get a good amount of air to the base of your lungs. The only way you can do is by using this technique. The technique should be practiced right when someone gets infected. If you want to do it before, even better.”

The technique:

Take five deep breaths and hold them for five seconds each. On the sixth breath, hold the breath for five seconds and then throw out a big cough. Do this twice and then lie flat on your stomach and take slightly deeper breaths than normal for the next 10 minutes.

You need to lie on your stomach as your lungs are more on your back. By lying down on your back, you will close the smaller airways, which is not good during the time of infection.