Rev. Obofour
Rev. Obofour

Founder and leader of the Anointed Palace Chapel (APC), Rev. Obofour, has declared that there are no genuine men of God or healers in Ghana.

Speaking to his congregation, he stated that he has taken a new mandate to share his truth to his followers and urged them to rekindle their faith in God.

Rev. Obofour explained that his remarks are not an attack on any particular pastor or church but rather a call for believers to place their faith in God rather than in religious leaders.

He accused many pastors of being embroiled in personal scandals and fraudulent activities, yet pose as saints before their congregation.

“Most of the pastors you believe in are failures. They have their own internal issues,” Rev. Obofour declared. “Some are adulterers, have threesomes, are frauds, and some are engaged in illegal activities aided by the government. Some of them are schemers and scammers.”

He remarked that the essence of the church today has shifted to a focus on money rather than genuine spirituality and salvation, which he believes has tainted the authenticity of spiritual leadership in Ghana.

“Genuineness is finished in Ghana. Don’t focus on the spirit they use in preaching. Until God himself brings down the spirit, focus on your faith and salvation,” Rev. Obofour advised.

Rev. Obofour added that newer, smaller churches may hold more potential for true spiritual growth than established, widely revered ones.

He urged believers to concentrate on their personal relationship with the Almighty, fulfill their spiritual duties and leave judgment to God.

“We are all sinners before the Lord, we all don’t qualify before God, so do your part and let God be the final judge,” he said.