Communications Manager for the National Petroleum Authority (NPA), Mohammed Abdul-Kudus, has dismissed rumours of an imminent fuel shortage in the country.

According to him, the country has enough quantity of petroleum products in storage to sustain the demand of consumers till the next delivery of fuel happens.

His statement follows concerns from civil society organisations of an imminent fuel shortage should the cedi continue to free fall against the dollar amid a dollar scarcity in the country.

Speaking on JoyNews’ PM Express, Mohammed Abdul-Kudus said, “For now there hasn’t been any information available to me about any possible shortage of petroleum products.

“What I know and the visibility that I have mostly has to do with the available quantity of petroleum products that we have at a particular given point in time and how long it will actually be around to be able to sustain the demand that we will be having as a country.

“And what I’ve seen as at today, this morning, there hasn’t been any eminence of a shortage in the future. What I have is that we have enough in our stock to be able to take us before the next line of laycan is allowed to deliver fuel.”