The Founder and Leader of the Alive Chapel International is worried Ghanaians criticize pastors for exploiting their congregation to enrich themselves.


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Bishop Salifu Amoako said compared to their counterparts in other African countries, many popular pastors in Ghana live as paupers.

He indicated that, the very few like him who drive in good cars use their hard earned money for that luxury.

“Ghanaian pastors cannot be said to be rich when compared to their colleagues in African countries like Nigeria. The fact that a Ghanaian pastor has bought a Bentley doesn’t mean he’s rich,” Bishop Amoako stated in an interview on Accra-based Kasapa FM monitored by

In his view, until a man of God buys private jet, he cannot say he is a rich man as many in Ghana want people to believe.

The founder of Alive Chapel cited how many pastors in Nigeria including Bishop Oyedepo have private jets and helicopters.

Therefore, he stated that, even if a pastor in Ghana buys Bentley, he or she cannot be said to be rich since it is just like “buying small car to be used as taxi”.

Bishop Amoako was worried most of them are afraid to buy private jets for fear of persecution from the public

“Many Nigerian pastors who came to meet some of us Ghanaian Pastors in Ministry work have their own private jet. Which Ghanaian pastor can boast of one?” Bishop Amoako quizzed.