A pediatrician at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr. Hilda Boye has warned that people who rely on herbal medicines for the treatment of tuberculosis only risk losing their life because no herbal medicine can cure the disease.
Speaking on Nkwa Hia, a health talk show on Adom TV on Monday with host Afiah Amankwaah Tamakloe, the doctor said research available indicate that there is no herbal medicine which has the ability to cure tuberculosis hence people suffering from the disease should take their medicine prescribed by their doctors accordingly.
“There are several curable medicines to fight and cure tuberculosis irrespective of the stage it has reached and so when you visit the hospital and you are diagnosed with TB, just follow your doctor’s instruction because failing to comply can worsen the sickness and may send you to your early grave”, she noted.
Dr. Boye also advised the public against discriminating against people who may be suffering from tuberculosis to stop because that discourages TB patients from visiting the hospital and even relocating which poses difficulty for health officials to monitor these patients to take their medicines.
She however pleaded with the citizenry to go for regular checkups and screening when they see any signs of tuberculosis in order to help have early detection.