Husband of Evangelist Mama Pat has made a profound statement days after they tied the knot in a private ceremony.

Mr Asiamah noted that his marriage to the leader of the Heaven’s Way church has elevated him in every facet of his life, from his status to his attitude and even looks.

In a video that is circulating across social media platforms, Prophet Angel Asiamah, while addressing the congregation, said it is worthy to note that then a slave, he has now become a master and dining with the leader of the church.

“It is with service that we attract the reward of blessings. Today I am no more a slave, I am a master, a gentleman, a minister of God and first man of Heaven’s Way church. Today I stand before you as a senior pastor of the church. My name has changed, my attitude has changed, my handsomeness and everything about me has changed now.”

He joked that while his name remains Prophet Angel Asiamah, he wants his wife to be called Rev. Dr. Mrs. Patricia Asiamah.

Evangelist Mama Pat who was in support of her husband added that “It is good when a woman marries well and into a wealthy family, a man is also not exempted from such. It’s been two years in this ministry and he has always been by my side”.

They used their marriage as a point of contact for those praying for spouses to locate their partners.