“Your underwear is showing.” Nothing is more disheartening than hearing that.

Thongs are appropriate for tight clothing {pinterest}.

Some ladies might prefer to let it all hang out and not wear any underwear but that is incredibly risky, and it can be uncomfortable.

There is a variety of underwear that women should own that would work with whatever outfit they are wearing.

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Wear them for pencil skirts, bodycon gowns leggings or any tight cloth.G-strings make sure your outfit fits better {pinterest}

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If you are not comfortable with G-strings and thongs, you can always wear Brazilian briefs. Wear them with shorts, skirts and pant trousers.Brazilian briefs offer coverage and are less likely to show under your outfit {bizarreintimo}

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Incredibly comfortable and can be worn with body con gowns, pencil skirts and or any tight outfit.Seamless pants are intimate and comfortable {cosmopolitan}

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These are comfortable and free. Wear them on free jeans, pleated skirts, flared skirts and flared gowns.

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If you are a big fan of boy shorts you can wear boy shorts on flared gowns or skirts or free outfits.