The year 2017 was quite a difficult one for The Multimedia Group. Death was ruthless; it snatched two staff members in a manner that wrenched hearts. Two people who were far too young, far too good were taken. Death didn’t pretend to care. It didn’t pretend to discriminate. It left many eyes welled with tears.

KABA and George Hansen were at the peak of their careers. The former, was a prolific radio presenter, and the latter a dexterous sales executive. But their lives ended too abruptly, leaving their colleagues hurt and distraught.

If The Multimedia Group was a mother, she would be mourning the death of a husband, a son at the same time, in the same year.

But in the darkest hour of grief came a sudden surge in strength; bolstered by the enduring belief and Joy in the Lord. In unity came victory and in victory came a new song and The Multimedia Choir was there.

The company has, through the choir, picked itself up from the ashes of pain and heartache death brought, to a place of celebration.

Now, the choir wants to share that joy with the rest of the world. Their very maiden single, titled ‘Victory’ featuring Calvis Hammond and Omari Kissi was birthed in a difficult period to uplift the brokenhearted and also thank God for His grace.

The song was composed and arranged by Groovy Eye (George Addo Jnr) with inspiration for the Psalm 116-3-4, which says;

the anguish of the grave came over me;

I was overcome by distress and sorrow.

4. Then I called on the name of the LORD:

The nondenominational Christian music group is largely made up of team members of The Multimedia Group in Accra. CEO of the group, Kwasi Twum has been a staunch supporter of the choir from its inception and has members sing at various Company events.

Music Director, George Addo Jnr, says the journey has been a difficult one but the group is comforted by the milestone that has been achieved.

“We have come through the period because He was our shield but singing and chanting Victory was the trick during the period.

One of the Founding members of the choir, Samuel Duowona said without God’s grace in healing the wounded, the Company couldn’t have carried on.

“Despite our challenges we continue to press hard, we are grateful for this gift and we are confident it will be a huge blessing.”

The Multimedia Choir is looking forward to the release of the song on August 1, 2018, when it will be aired on all Multimedia platforms.