Hiplife Grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone says there is no way to be influential on social media as a celebrity if you don’t interact with your followers.

He gave the advice on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM Monday after South African rapper, AKA told Joy FM’s Sammy Forson that his songs were having poor patronage in spite of his huge following on social media.

I have 3.3 million followers, why don’t I sell at least a million??? …. Let me tell you why…. coz like, 500k of you are like ACTUAL fans, the rest of y’all full of dog shit, walking round like I owe you something,” AKA lamented.

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He added: “3.3 MILLION FOLLOWERS AND IT TAKES ME WEEKS TO GET TO 40/50k sales …. WHERE YALL AT?!?! WHAT ARE YALL DOING?!?! ….. I’d rather have 50k hardcore fans than have 3.2 million fake ones.”

But reacting to his comments, Reggie Rockstone told AKA to shun being ungrateful and appreciate his 3.3 million fans even if they are not patronizing his works as expected.

That sounds kind of ungrateful. I don’t look out for retweets, even if two do yeah. You don’t pay anyone to do that for you. I don’t check the number of followers but it will not be a barometer to know who’s loyal. There are certain folks you keep seeing…”, Reggie said.

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Reggie further disclosed that apart from responding to fans on social media, there must be other forms of motivation to make fans patronize the works of artists, otherwise, the numbers may rise but won’t reflect financially.

The “Dogo Yaro” hitmaker, therefore, encouraged industry players to have a two-way communication with their followers to build a solid relationship if they want their works to be supported.

I feel like its just polite and also if someone wrote something interesting I do follow. Als,o a lotta young people message me privately and I counsel them for free. They send me the songs and demo. And I retweet everyone’s post. If you send something even if I don’t like it, I give it a shot. You don’t expect your fans to be chasing you. And I think that is my blessing there…” he disclosed.